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89% of Indian mobile buyers prefer good camera


Survey has shown that almost Eighty-nine percent of buyers rank the camera as the top requirement while purchasing a Smartphone, subsequent to the battery life (87 percent), RAM (79 percent) and internal memory (72 percent), according to a new report by CyberMedia Research (CMR) stated on Monday.

Buyers favor testing over “brand pull” when it comes to smart phones as they happen to be increasingly brand-agnostic, said CMR’s Mobile Industry Consumer Insight survey.

The review exhibited that their preferences are driven by aspects including an overall product quality (92 percent), product performance (90 percent), product aesthetics (82 percent) and dependable after-sales service, with fast turnaround time (76 percent).

“In a highly competitive marketplace, noticeable by the Smartphone Sea of resemblance, brands that devote in guaranteeing product quality and other softer features win big. Indian consumers, particularly post-millennials and Gen-Z are very difficult. For them, product design, quality and in general worth for money are of serious importance,” said Narinder Kumar, lead analyst at CMR, in a statement.

The survey was carried transversely in the top eight Indian cities in February 2019.


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