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A man’s guide for Valentine’s Day


As we step into the second month of 2019, all everyone can think of is Valentine’s Day. Men on this day are responsible for buying the perfect present and making dinner reservations at fancy restaurants; however they tend to ignore the planning for a perfect outfit. Typically this is where the actual confusion lies because they have to keep the Valentine theme in mind, while being mindful of their age and personality. Follow these simple tips to make sure that you are making a good first impression:

Millennials: if you are in this age bracket, then you might feel that anything goes as long as it is Insta-worthy. You might be partially right, however you must make sure that you stand out in comparison to your peers by stacking up more likes and comments on your Instagram post. Firstly, you must opt for an elegant laid-back look by picking dark blue or charcoal grey jeans. Balance that with a pale pink shirt which represents romance and being caring. Compliment that off with a waistcoat in crimson red. It is better to let the collar give off an informal elegance but do not forget to top it off with classy cuff links. Lastly, complete your outfit with brown leather sneakers.

Age 35-50: The way you dress comes off as a reflection to your maturity levels. This is why you must select a semi-formal look that is somewhat understated. You can opt for black or dark blue cotton chinos. Match that with a navy checkered blazer; this is a color that ignites trust while making your lady feels calm and relaxed. Soften the impact of the pink/red checks by choosing a white shirt although make sure you wear a tie in the same color as the checks to hit a balance. Complete your clothing choice with brown Oxford leather shoes.

Age 50 and above: if you are in this bracket then you have already experienced a lot in life. Refinement in how you dress in and your demeanor can still rock your lady off her feet – despite the fact that she has known you for years. Indulge in a double-breasted two-piece or three-piece outfit in midnight blue mixed with a white shirt and black leather shoes. You can also add a burgundy scarf to the look. This would set a proper mood. You can also match your socks with the burgundy scarf to add to the charm.

Any attempt to make the day epic with your V-day companion will be negligible weighing against the joy of that memory that will be treasured for years to come.


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