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Eagle Hills to develop mixed-use venture in Ethiopia


Abu Dhabi developer Eagle Hills has broadcasted the initiation of a key new mixed-use development in Ethiopia with 4,000 houses.

La Gare, which is around 360,000 square meters, was once the place of the main railway station in the capital Addis Ababa. It contains commercial, housing, hospitality and leisure amenities adjacent to a park.

This particular development will be secured by four and five-star hotels, offices, retail outlets, and housing space, with buildings prearranged symmetrically around a central driveway, explained as the main boulevard.

Moreover, it will also incorporate a social housing constituent in a joint venture with the Ethiopian government that will oversee the residential units built to put up with the existing residents at the location.

Chairman of Eagle Hills Mohamed Alabbar stated that in addition to constructing a completely new city center and skyline, La Gare is ready to give to the local market by forming jobs, further augmenting market response and energizing the economy.

It was also added that La Gare is a venture of compassion that will be urbanized on a land of legacy. It will be constructed upon the historical grounds of La Gare train station. Although this land has already seen tough times; however, with this project, it will stay in people’s collective memories for longer.

The Abu Dhabi firm is amongst the UAE’s most prominent developers outside of its local market.

Its projects comprise of the multi-billion-dollar Belgrade Waterfront in Serbia and hotels in Sharjah, Fujairah, and Muscat.


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