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Hotels need a human touch


With Expo 2020 Dubai quickly approaching, a massive supply of experienced hotel rooms is required to provide to the expected influx of visitors.

“Technology… has played a vital role in assisting efficient operations and in driving contemporary growth,” said Shailesh Grover, general manager of The S Hotel Management.

“Artificial intelligence is playing a progressively more significant role in the hospitality industry, chiefly because of its capability to carry out conventionally human functions at any time of the day.”

This implies, Grover stresses, that hotel owners can accumulate significant money, eradicate human error and distribute higher service.

Nevertheless, that does not mean humans will be substituted.

“The human touch is a vital part of the hospitality industry. Hospitality is a people’s business; technology is a good balance and is not destined to replace people,” he stressed.

Moreover, he said that due to the spike in the supply of accessible rooms, demand has to be sustained over the next few years. The mid-market section – in which the new S Hotel falls under – has played an imperative role in the industry and will persist to do so, he says.


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