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Teenagers share “win” in Dubai Open chess


Teens from India, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan pick up the pace with three points each after three rounds of the 21st Dubai Open Chess Championship at the Dubai Chess Club, a press release stated.

Uzbek teenagers (GM) Nodirbek Abdusattorov, 15, (IM) Shamsiddin Vokhidov, 17, (IM) Raghunandan Kaumandur Srihari of India, 18, and (GM) Temur Kuybokarov, 19, of Australia are in the lead pack of 10 players.

Sharing the win at three points each are (IM) Yeoh Li Tian of Malaysia, former East Asian Zone champion, (GM) Miguel Santos Ruiz of Spain, (GM) Alan Pichot of Argentina, (GM) Aleksandar Indjic of Serbia, (GM) Maxim Matlakov of Russia, and (GM) Yuriy Kuzubov of Ukraine.

Abdusattorov utilized the English Opening to outplay (WIM) Desmukh Divya of India in 46 moves with a double Rook sacrifice to clear the way for double Queen promotion. Vokhidov crushed the Sicilian defense of (GM) Mustafa Yilmaz of Turkey, gaining a Bishop on the 47th move to force resignation seven moves later.

Raghunandan distress (GM) Sanal Vahap of Turkey in 49 moves of a Guioco Piano game, swaping his Queen for two Rooks. Kuybokarov shattered the Queen’s Indian defense of untitled Bharath Subramaniyam of India in 37 moves.

Fifteen players chase the leaders with 2.5 points.


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