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Versatile Egyptian actor Al Gunidy dies at 74


Veteran Egyptian actor Mahmoud Al Guindy, one of the country’s most well-liked performers in modern decades, passed away on Thursday at a hospital near Cairo, the Egyptian actor’s union stated. He was 74.

With a career across more than 40 years, Al Guindy has made a big name for himself in more than 300 works on television, the stage and in the cinema. His major break came in 1979 when he performed in the extensively famous stage comedy “It’s Really a Respectable Family” differing from legendary comedian Fouad Al Mohandes.

His fame later ascended after he acted in a series of admired TV soap operas and films. They included “Playing with the Big Guys”, an anti-corruption film; “The Mulberry and the Stick” a film based on a story by Nobel Laureate Naguib Mahfouz; and “Naji Al Ali”, a biopic on controversial Palestinian cartoonist of the same name.

El-Guindy’s roles were diverse ranging from comic, tragic to melodramatic. He was also noted for singing folksy odes in several of his shows. His last work was starring in the comedy “Laugh Until You Die”, which was shown at Egypt’s prestigious National Theatre in 2018.


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